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Khalid Sheikh, Chairman, Clifton Packaging
Group, UK & Founder of the BABA Vision
Founder of BABA - Khalid Sheikh

Khalid Sheikh was born in Kenya in 1957, but brought up in Uganda. In 1972 the ex President Idi Amin Dada banished thousands of successful Ugandan Asians including the Sheikh family who fled Uganda for a safe haven in the UK. The forlorn and worried looking family disembarked from a plane at Stansted Airport, UK with their Father, 3 Brothers and a Sister. They arrived in the UK without a penny to their name after having lost their property and a successful business in Uganda. His Mother had died a year before in a road accident in Uganda before the family fled to the UK. Khalid recalls how his Father who died in the UK in 1985, did menial jobs to make ends meet to keep the family together. Kalid and his brother Zahid started Clifton Packaging 27 years ago with only £500. They began in London, trading as wholesales of plain carrier and paper bags for retail outlets but 4 years later they moved back to Leicester, where the family had originally settled when they first arrived in the UK from Uganda.

Today, Khalid is a classic case study of riches to rags and back to riches. His love for Africa has always been in his blood and his dream to transform Africa lies in a vision called BABA, Buy African Build Africa. It is a plan Khalid says has potential to transform the Continent into a global player in trade and industrialisation.

Having studied accounting and finance at Bristol Polytechnic and diplomas in economics and business management, Khalid decided to start his own business in the food packaging industry. A self made success story, Khalid today is a highly experienced Chairman whose entrepreneurial flair has consistently elevated him to adopt a systematic and strategically calculated approach over all areas of responsibility, responding to the specific requirements of the business, and throughout his career continued to re-engineer the business in line with the fast evolving global commercial arena, by at all times ensuring that Clifton is at the absolute forefront, embracing and adopting the finest state of the art manufacturing technologies, focusing on agro food processing and packaging for value addition, especially for Africa. Khalid also has extensive experience in handling media, delivering seminars and speeches mainly focused on the global food crisis and its impact on Africa. He has been deeply involved worldwide on the plight of Africa and has written various articles for trade magazines and mainstream newspapers on social issues and specialist areas of agro food processing and packaging. His mission is to promote knowledge transfer programme to add value addition to Agro products.

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