farmer with produce1. Background to Buy African Build Africa

For in-depth information on BABA it is important that this document is read in its entirety. It goes into more detail and explanation and reveals the thought process, goals and benefits that BABA, (Buy African Build Africa) can bring to the African Continent.

- Background information on Khalid Sheikh,

Founder of the BABA Concept Khalid Sheikh, Chairman, Clifton Packaging Group, UK. Having studied accounting and finance at Bristol Polytechnic and diplomas in economics and business management, Khalid decided to start his own business in the food packaging industry. A self made success story Khalid today is a highly experienced Chairman whose entrepreneurial flair has consistently elevated him to adopt a systematic and strategically calculated approach over all areas of responsibility, responding to the specific requirements of the business, and throughout his career continued to re-engineer the business in line with the fast evolving global commercial arena and by at all times ensuring that Clifton is a the absolute forefront, embracing and adopting the finest 'state of the art' manufacturing technologies, focusing on agro food processing and packaging for value addition, especially for Africa. Khalid also has extensive experience in handling media, delivering seminars and speeches mainly focused on the global food crisis and it’s impact on Africa. He has been deeply involved worldwide on the plight of Africa and has written various articles for trade magazines and mainstream newspapers on social issues and specialist areas of agro food processing and packaging. His mission is to promote knowledge transfer programme to add value addition to Agro products.

- What drives this dream and the motive behind this dream?

We as humans all have our dreams to do something that would touch the lives of other human beings even in a very small way, some are secret dreams, some are dreams full of hope or fear to find a way to gain instant fame or wealth, and these may or may not turn into reality or come to fruition. (Remember Martin Luther King - he too had a dream, in the push for racial equality in the 1950's and the 1960's - the result, many years hence is....... Barak Obama)

farmer with produce- The background - what drives Khalid?

In his capacity to overcome personal loss, the forced exile, arriving on the shores of a foreign country, the daunting prospects of anchoring themselves, their lives, to whatever hardships that followed. Death of his parents, the joys of his children, as the eldest of the siblings, the responsibility to keep and maintain his family intact has caused much, much unseen pain and heartache, performing menial tasks, the determination to remain steadfast in repeated difficulties and against all odds - in all of this, a fundamental element of a character so strong, yet extremely sensitive and at the same time weak, yet Khalid's inner strength, his tenacity to manage these underlying tensions, making sacrifices through difficult times on behalf of his family has driven him to make a mark on the world especially in Africa the most daunting of tasks, that even the most hardiest or successful businessmen would be left with reservations.

- Why will he succeed?

The true grit, the passion, the tenacity, the hidden animalistic hunting instincts will be the driving factor to achieve this dream. This dream is not only about the money, the success, but, the knowledge deep within him that the "ultimate hunt is underway" which will carry him through these very hard, frustrating and lonely times ahead of him...

- The background....

Born in the melting pot of many cultures, African, Asian, his ability to understand the minds of Indians, Pakistanis, Africans, and the Europeans, the speaker of many languages, an advantage that has given him the ability to understand the demographic realities of the African future, his successes in the west, dealing with the "elite of the elite" in the western world. His upbringing and informative, tender years spent without guidance of his mother and in his later years his father, typifies the challenges he faced without him becoming trapped in cynicism, despair, prejudice or even discrimination.

- Is Africa ready enough to accommodate his dreams? farmer with produce

It will take guts, passion and commitment before the true reality will sink into the minds of the Africans, who have for generations been reliant on aid and handouts from the west, too complacent to think for themselves as they rely on the western "do gooders". Aid is depriving the receiver of their dignity and pride and is humiliating. Aid is also very difficult to measure and it is virtually impossible for a sustainable business to compete in an area where it is applied. A challenge which Khalid will have to face in order for his dream to be implemented "one country at a time" the BABA vision, BUY AFRICAN BUILD AFRICA, love Africa as you love your own mother........... a new doctrine to be introduced in Africa, a sentiment very precious and close to any human being (with reverence to each and everyone's mother) a foresight, a perception; this future development can only be introduced into Africa with the backing of other visionaries and like minded people.

- What will BABA stand for and mean to the people in Africa at grass roots?

Global recession and the looming prospect of the global food crisis will hit Africa very hard. A population of many millions of destitute peoples of Africa especially in the rural areas who struggle to survive each day, hundreds of ethnic groups, tribes, languages, and a consequence of an unstable infrastructure depleted in reserves the fate of a nation highly reliant on Aid. The BABA vision will to some small degree empower some of these poor rural farmers to earn a living through enterprise and a sense of pride and be paid in kind for their labour resulting in widespread prosperity and economic security cutting out the middleman and eliminating corruption. The BABA vision, enterprise will be the perfect solution to introduce goods, trade and products to the most destitute and in some cases land locked inaccessible areas of Africa. Food without frontiers! When it comes to trade, there are a few borders left!

- How can Clifton/COMESA make a difference in Africa where many most powerful countries have tried yet failed, time and time again?

With tenacity and determination. The reason the west has failed to alleviate the poverty in Africa is because the dealings have always been through the elite and well off people at every level, and in some cases, the money is first and foremost siphoned away with very little getting through to the poor and destitute. Interaction with the farmer has to be at an intimate level. The product has to be cheap enough for even the poor to purchase. a huge and daunting task that can only be carried through by honourable and reliable business entrepreneurs who of course still need to earn not only good profits, but also put something back into the hands and stomachs of the farmers giving their lives purpose and direction, order and dignity decreasing the opportunities for corruption the best way to improve their lives is to enhance their earnings by providing them avenues to alleviate poverty.

- Foreign investors and Nationals in Africa

Africa needs responsible investors / entrepreneurs who have the drive & commitment to make a positive impact and there is no doubt that BABA will fit well into this vision. Within the realms of weak or failing African countries, where there is tyranny, corruption and chronic violence. In many lands, an overwhelming majority of the population are poor, uneducated and cut off from the global information and basic needs and health care. The desperate and immediate need to feed their families will always be on the top of their purpose in life. No parent wants to see their child go hungry. BABA is the answer, a glimmer of hope, to build a better future they like us, in the west so desperately desire. So, what does BABA mean to Khalid. "Buy African, Build Africa. Love Africa like you love your own mother? Well, yes, and more....but I think the hidden and underlying meaning is:-

......on the plains of the Serengeti,...the ultimate hunt is on. ! ! ! !

Everything is possible nothing is impossible - that is his inner most profound strength to remain passionately focused and determined!........"love Africa as you love your mother"

The first BABA/COMESA Flagship of Centre of Excellence
in Zambia will be the turning point for Africa.

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